The Quantum Tribe

Quantum Beings of the Miraculous

The "heart and soul" of the Quantum Tribe! We've performed at venues like Ophelia's and the Oriental Theater in Denver. We've played many festivals including Tribal Visions outside Taos, NM, Elsewhence in Bailey, CO, Sol Fire Revolution outside San Diego, CA, and many others. There's currently 1 album called "Through the Gates". Another one is coming soon!

Darshan Dance Tribe

A top Denver dance troupe performing all over Denver, in festivals & with Quantum Beings since close to the beginning.

The New Tribe

This tribe has grown with so much talent and imagination. It Includes The Uninhabited, Ancient Lovers, Kosmik Forest, Simply Rex... and there's even more!!

Quantum Beings of the Miraculous

Quantum Beings of the Miraculous at Elsewhence 2018

Quantum Beings at Ophelia's Denver 2019.

From Ophelia's Denver 2017.