The Gravity Series

My Experiment with Gravity

This the inaugural book of “The Gravity Series” and my debut as a writer. While this book touches upon my experience while near death and some of the realizations that have come from it, it is more autobiographical spiritual self-help book. It’s about transforming a life from one of feeling powerless to change or grow, to one of endless possibilities. It’s all about living my dream and all of us living the life of our dreams! This is my story… 

“If some part of my story can help you with some part of your story… then goal accomplished!” 

I Never Die: A 21st Century Book of the Dead

In this book, I delve into what happens when we die, the possibilities of life and the experience beyond this life on Earth, and what it means to go "home". The book is now in the editing process. I had originally planned for the book to be released this fall. However, the my editor and I decided it would be best to take our time with a book of this nature. I'll update as I have more information.

Envisioning God: Dreaming the Ultimate Dream

Simply this is a book about God. I will explain my vision of God, the source nature of existence, consciousness, and us as per what I learned (and still learning) via my NDE. In beginning to explore and understand our own divinity, we begin to explore and understand our true selves and what's truly possible. This book is already mostly written but won't likely be out until early 2021.

Personal Mission

A Little About Me...

My name is Rex. In 2011 I had a near-death experience (NDE) that was the catalyst for my life's greatest transformation. I fell 26 feet and landed head first on concrete. As crazy as this sounds, something incredible happened while near-death! I had a life-altering vision and experience and, simply, I woke up. Everything is different. I see love, consciousness, and life like never before. I understand concepts and have ideas about Quantum Theory and Cosmology or more to the point gravity. Plus, I discovered that I can make and play music. I've become a musician and producer. 10 years ago, I never thought this could be my life. I'm in the process of total self-reinvention. 

I’m on a mission to do my part in helping to impart positive change in the world. I hope to offer ideas of how we can each find our way to our highest or best path in life to live our dreams. I seek to connect through writing, workshops & presenting, music, martial arts, and healing with each of us and the world as a whole. We must take care of ourselves and be responsible for our lives and our own paths. As such we must also remember that we are in this together here on planet Earth. So, we are all responsible not only for ourselves but for each other, the state of the world, and the potential changes and shifts more and more people from all “walks of life” seek.

If you're wondering, why the reference to gravity regarding the book series... Yes, I am deeply fascinated with gravity! As such I have many ideas that may help explain dark energy, super-massive black holes, an increasingly expanding universe, a multiuniversal realty and more... However, the title of the book and series are the result of a long running joke. When I first got out of the hospital, instead of referring to the fall as "an accident" (which I never have), I would joke about "My Experiment with Gravity". The joke stuck and it became the title of my first book and the series.

This is a place where we (my brothers and sisters from the Quantum Tribe and I) can interact and sell products like books, music, and soon t-shirts, stickers, back packs, and more. This is all to support our path doing our part in shifting the world to a space of love and acceptance for everyone! A world where all are free to discover and live our dreams! 

"The more of us living the life of our dreams, the closer we come to living in the world of our dreams!" -My Experiment with Gravity