Kun Tao Serak Silat de Thouars

A little about the art


Kun Tao Silat (KTS) is a Chinese/Indonesian martial art. There are many different styles and expressions. Kun Tao is has its roots in China. It is a distant relative to Shaolin Kung Fu but some will say just as old. Like Kung Fu, Kun Tao is an animal system but the expressions are different. It was purportedly used on the battlefields of China during the early dynasties.

Silat is an islander martial art based mostly in Indonesia. Given Indonesia is made up of over 15,000 islands there are many styles of Silat. This includes Mande Muda, Pencak, Inti Ombak, and many others. Serak and Cimande are the two that I am most studied in.


My teacher is Willem de Thouars or Uncle Bill or just Uncle. Uncle is a true living master at 84 years old! Though not the first, he is one of the few who has put the arts of Kun Tao and Silat together. Though Serak is his family art, beginning training when he was 5, he has a lifetime of experience into creating his own art extending from Serak and from KTS. He is also versed in many other styles of Kun Tao and Silat, but also Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Judo, Western Boxing, European Fencing and more. He was born in Java, Indonesia raised in Holland and emigrated to America. What makes him a master is his understanding of energy and how it moves. This serves both combat (destructive) and healing (constructive) purposes. He has said, “You cannot be a true warrior unless you also a healer”. He is a master of getting a lot out of a little. In other words, he can create large energy releases with subtle movements. He has an intricacy and detail to his understanding and teaching methods I have personally never seen before. It is and has been an honor to train under him and our very special group of teachers and senior teachers (Sigung) since 2002. I am a teacher or Guru/Sifu. 

I have a small roster of students. I work with each one on one as a personal trainer but with KTS. I am available for seminars for anyone who wants to learn more about KTS, about energy and healing, being healthy inside and out, and be able to protect yourself and/or loved ones should the need arise.


“The sign of a true master is one who can take a potentially violent situation and diffuse it into a peaceful one without the use of force.” 

Brief background pre-KTS- Parker style Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, Nightclub/Event security.