Workshops, Presentations & Videos

My Experiment with Gravity: The Dream within the Dream


I share my story in the hope that it may help others realize their dreams. This explores the mind and imagination of the Divine in expanding and learning about our true selves. I get into why all is infused, inter-connected in discovering and living the dream. 

I Never Die: A 21st Century Book of the Dead presentation


The presentation explores passing over from this life, the moments just after passing, to the many possibilities for “soul experience” including returning to Earth for another life, and "going home". We explore what “life” and consciousness really are. To release the fear of death is to truly live. 

Life Beyond Life: Soul Path, Karma, Dharma, and Destiny


 We explore what each means to our lives. Learn to recognize life patterns. These patterns may be rooted in “other lives” here on Earth and elsewhere. Learning to recognize these patterns is key to understanding when the pattern started, the catalysts and triggers, and the healing, making peace, and letting go.  

Envisioning God: Dreaming the Ultimate Dream presentation


What or who is God? While it’s true many aspects of the divine experience as with our perceived experience is beyond our current understanding, we can begin to understand in the most basic sense and know this most subtle yet the pure foundation and source of love, life, existence and creation. ...that of God. 

Creative Connectivity: We're in this Together

Exploring the many ways we are connected from the unified levels of reality to our everyday lives.

Exploring the many ways we are connected from the multiverse to the most fundamental unified levels of reality and to our world and everyday lives. I will show the many ways we impact each other, the world, and the whole universe. Each of us, what we do... more to the point, our very thoughts do matter. 

The True Nature of Gravity: Mysteries of the Multiverse


I have many ideas since my NDE that differ and/or expand on current theories in Quantum Theory and Cosmology largely regarding the role of gravity. I dive into these ideas about gravity, super-massive black holes, dark energy, dark matter, the expanding universe, and the multiuniversal reality. 


Life Beyond Earth: Humanity's Universe Within & Without


I share my experiences with life beyond this Earth, what we may call extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional beings. We'll explore higher intelligence and what it could mean for the Earth. But as part of a message of a forward shifting reality.

Sharing more workshops & presentations...


I look forward to traveling the world sharing ideas and connecting with all kinds of different people!

More talks & discussions with wonderful people...

I always appreciate a great discussion of ideas with great people!

I always appreciate a great discussion and sharing of ideas with great people!

Special guided meditations...


Since my NDE I had been seeking a way to share my experience of the moment while near-death. I have found guided meditation a wonderful vehicle for such a journey. I'm grateful to have a chance to share something so beautiful, pure, and divine within all of us with everyone.

Links to band videos...


Links to our videos are on the Quantum Tribe page. There's a Quantum Beings channel on YouTube. Just search for Quantum Beings of the Miraculous.

Links to my videos & The New Revolution


Please search "Rex Finfgeld" for my YouTube channel. I have many videos including "The New Revolution" series, "Quantum Beings TV", and others... A few of my videos are linked below.

My videos

This tells the story of my NDE and some of the realizations and epiphanies that have come from it.

This is "The New Revolution" ep. 3. It features NDE researcher Dr. Roy Hill and an insightful trip to downtown Denver's 16th St. Mall.

This is a 1 hour preview of "The True Nature of Gravity". The full PowerPoint presentation is 3 hours. This is an exploration of gravity's role in a multiverse and what it could mean.

I thought I would share an online presentation I did in the summer of 2018. 

One of my favorite DJ mixes

I figured since I'm sharing some videos I would share a DJ mix I made.